Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it's too soon after my child's death to attend?

Do I need a reservation before I come to a meeting?

If I go to a meeting, will I have to talk?

Is there a charge to attend?

My child was an adult and didn't live at home. Can I still go to a meeting?

My spouse won't come with me. Can I come alone?

Can I bring a friend with me the first time for support?

Do men attend meetings?

What happens at a meeting?

My child died from _____. Will I still be welcome?

Religion doesn't matter to me anymore. Can people at a meeting accept that?

I notice the meeting is in a church. Do I have to belong to a church to attend?

I have babysitting problems. Would it be all right to bring my five-year-old with me?

My child died seven years ago, and I postponed my grief work. Now it's catching up with me. Is it too late to come now?

How long do people come to meetings?

Why is it that TCF recommends that I attend three meetings before deciding if it's for me?